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Welcome to Seven Metals Tarot.  If you are a lover of the mystery of Tarot, cards, and divination, you are in the right place.

STEP ONE: Get to know Seven Metals

My name is Jesse and I am a Cartomantic Reader. My purpose is to discover information that is unavailable by conventional means.  I help people by reading cards and communicating how the messages apply to their lives.  My approach is very simple and clear. I read with relevancy and precision.

STEP TWO: Read Some Posts

There are lots of posts here about Tarot and my cartomantic practice.  If you are interested in Tarot decks, you will enjoy reading some of my reviews.  Maybe you enjoy the excitement of learning new tarot spreads to try for yourself or your clients.  I also have a Facebook page that offers regular tarot posts and unique content you wont find anywhere else.

STEP THREE: Book a Reading!

When you are ready to experience the clarity and relief that a Tarot reading with me can bring, contact me for a no-risk conversation.  I look forward to working with you!