Different Decks, Different Readings

I use different Tarot depending on the question at hand.  The deck with which I choose to read will have a lot to do with the nature of the problem.  Although your question’s answer can be read with any Tarot system, I have found that certain issues are best solved with a particular deck.

Be aware that many decks available to readers are simply novelties.  They are fun to play with, but can be quite useless in providing actionable information.  I will not use such decks in your reading.  It takes a lot of experience and study to discern which decks are inappropriate for serious clients.  The Tarot I employ have been used countless times with mind-blowing results.  These decks have been consecrated for use in helping people.  They have proven themselves again and again to be significant agents of information and insight in my clients’ lives.

Do you have an unsolved question about relationships, money, career, family, or a nagging decision?  I will find the right deck to help bring insight to the questions you seek.

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