Three Readings

Q: How can I ask a friend for emotional support without sounding needy or demanding?

A: When you are paralyzed from acting because you don’t know “how to ask,” what you are really saying is you are afraid of how you will be perceived. If you are concerned by your friend’s reaction, is this the person in your family of friends you should be asking? Perhaps there is someone else who would love to give you support – reach out to them.


Q: How can I manage being lonely and isolated in my new job position?

A: Thinking about loneliness only compounds the problem, but realize that feeling will always be there. Taking on a sharp and enthusiastic intern, apprentice, or assistant will keep those thoughts in the background; but how will you pay for the new hire?


Q: My neighbor’s dog barks all day.  How can i diplomatically approach the situation?

A: Decide to communicate honestly about how you feel without emotion or drama.  Practice if you need to, so that you know your own boundaries.  But be sure to consider all sides of the story, because remembering your neighbor’s perspective is important to the solution.  You may need to take a family member along.

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