“Don’t assume anything.”

Last month a shop clerk assumed that I cleanse with sage and use crystals because I read Tarot.  I politely replied “No, but I sure like Tarot!”  The truth is an Arturo Fuente enjoyed with a good Armagnac is all the cleansing I need.

Assumptions seem to lead to conflict, inevitably.  They are the starting point of every argument.  Even the assumptions that boil silently in the unconscious mind erupt through simple comments we express to others.

Yet, assumptions are how we relate to what we observe.  An assumption is the uncomfortable birth of an intellectual equivocation:

This is THIS.

But it isn’t.

It is THAT.

And at that moment, we compare our assumption against what we see. Assumptions test our belief. So I ask for further clarity: “How do my assumptions help me?”  I draw three cards: the 8 of Cups, Le Diable, and Le Chariot.

My assumptions strip off the superficial, expose the dirty truth, and then consolidate the differences. 

An assumption marries two versions of the same lie.

This is the ah-ha moment: when the cards challenge my assumption about assumptions.  The cards test my belief.  When I assume something, the act is not about comparing the differences, rather, it is an act of accepting that things really aren’t what they seem — and the truth is as elusive as the falsehood. Perception tricks the satisfied mind into thinking it has everything figured out, organized into compartments.

My glass is empty.  I reach for the Armagnac.

2 thoughts on “Assumptions

    1. But remember to keep your enemies closer than you keep your friends. I like that a well-placed assumption can, in the end, often get you farther than being agreeable.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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